Friday, June 27, 2008

Let The Sun Shine In

I think it's funny that (most) woman will disregard their health completely, but they will do whatever it takes to make sure they look pretty. I think it's funny, and I'm not judging anyone, because I do it too. Dentist appointments, doctors appointments, etc. all come secondary to hair appointments and often manicures and pedicures. Maybe it's because it's something that will change immediately, and if our doctor tells us we need to do something, or even if I go to the dermatologist and have to start taking medication - nothing happens over night. When I get my hair done, it's like BOOM, bangs! and my nails are like BOOM: colorful and well kept! (The picture above is the picture I took with me when I first got my bangs cut. Jenny Lewis is cute.)

That's why I think Britney Spears shaved her head when she did. Of course she was going crazy... she became famous when she was like 16, and she was America's adorable little sweetheart. She was swimming in controversy all the time, her and Justin Timberlake broke up, she learned how to drink, she had a quickie wedding in Vegas, she met Kevin Federline, she had two kids, she got divorced... and her career was being America's slightly less adorable little disaster. What else was she to do? She was stuck in a life she was terrified of living, and she didn't know what to do, so what's the most dramatic change you can make that takes effect immediately? Changing your appearance. I would not opt for bald, but nonetheless, it's a drastic change when all you need is a change.

But, besides that... it's also funto pamper ourselves and give ourselves "treats" for all of our stress and hard work. Going to the doctor is often terrifying, and makes us feel like a kid again - except as we grow older we're not treated like kids and get smacked with harsh, cold reality. (Like, when my doctor assures me I have arthritis and osteoporosis.. it's going to happen...)

So, I made a pact with myself that I wouldn't get my hair done again until I made necessary health-related appointments. So I did. I made an appointment for a check up, dermatology, my eyeballs, and a dentist appointment. Those things won't be happening for another month or so, because you know, they book up in advance. So, with all that being clear, I made a hair appointment! Luckily it's much easier to get appointments right away, so I'm going today at 1:30 for a haircut!

Hey, the contract negotiations never stated "You must make and complete the appointments before making a hair appointment." I made them, they're all penciled in, now I can treat myself! It's better than treating myself with ice cream. Plus, I have a long night of Improv Asylum ahead of me.

Oh, and ps. Dustin Diamond (better known as Screech) is on Celebrity Fit Club and he is an absolute retard. I hate him.

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