Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Like Sand Through An Hour Glass -

List blog! Unadulterated list blog!

Tuesdays are slow days for me. However I'm excited for the following reasons:

  • I'm going on a dinner date tonight with my very special friend Jbrew

  • I got a free shot at Green Dragon last night by my favorite bartender in the city of Boston aka Lutz aka mine and Steve's best friend. He loves us! We went there a few weeks ago and hung out with him for like 3 hours cause nobody else was in the bar, we bonded over 90's music and slow jams, and when we went in last night he was excited to see us. Then when I ordered shots he goes "They're on me cause I love you guys! Come back and visit me more!"

  • I've got two shows on Thursday, one at Improv Boston and one in the sweaty basement of 150 Tremont - with two of my favorite groups of improvisers.

  • I have a half day (get out at 1pm) on Friday and I'm immediately running to South Station afterwards to hop on the Fung Wah and head to NYC to hang out with my sister and not be in Boston! ! !

  • Friday is pay day.

  • I'm only working one night this week.

  • There's air conditioning in my office today!

  • I'm going to NYC next weekend, too.

  • I bought a new book at Border's. The kind of perfect girly book that I need to read while sitting on the Fung Wah heading to NYC :-)

All right, so I'm leaving this off here - I'm busy watching Miss Rap Supreme.

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Well said.


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