Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Nick Wilson Puked On My Cute Green Shoes

Trevor's pre-show words regarding Julia and I's existence in the group - "Guys, just so you know, this is your last show with Seriously Bent show where you can feel comfortable with us." So, yeah, it was our last show last night. For real this time. No, really. For real, for real. It's sad, again. But, I think we're all at a good place to let go. Julia's shipping off to Wolfboro, and I'm getting too old to stay up so late and do shows at 11pm.

It was a good one, I think. Hey, any show where Kelly loves and rapes a horse and mail is always delivered with precision is great, right? Nick Mandella hosted and dedicated the show to George Carlin, and Trevor and Nick W cracked up about that. I think it's just because Nick has a bad reputation for hosting shows, I don't know where that started. Oh, right, the Thanksgiving show's "turn your cell phones off, there are 2 exits in this room...". That's why I never hosted a show - these people are MEAN!

Oh, Seriously Bent. They drive me up a wall and at the same time make me feel like a normal person (probably because each of them are all so fucked up in their own ways and together we're normal.) I'm really going to miss them - they got me through the year! If I had them in my life the year before, Year That Shall Not Be Named, then I would have been much better off. So, basically I'm saying get ready for crazy.

Sorry Nick Wilson, if that was too sappy and depressing for you, but it had a little bit to do with you, so get over it.

Last night I went to visit my best friend, Jess, who had surgery last week. She got her tonsils out - because she would always get food stuck in her "tonsil pockets", or whatever they were, that's what I named them. Now they're gone, RIP Tonsil Pockets. It's been a week, and she hasn't eaten anything but soup, freeze pops, and applesauce. One day, she wanted something that she liked so bad that she shaved a pickle (a REALLY sour one), cut it up into pieces and chewed it to death so she could enjoy something she ate. It burned her throat. She's funny. She has another week to go before she can eat, or at least that's the time frame the doctor gave her. When she's ready to eat, Jess, her boyfriend Zach, and I are going on an adventure of Pete's for breakfast (it's in Everett), Weathervane for lunch (it's in Maine), and Cheesecake Factory for dinner (it's in Cambridge.) It's getting her through the whole recovery process - well that and "The Nanny."

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