Wednesday, June 18, 2008

On Pointe In My Joints

I have a pwoblem.

I am CONSTANTLY cracking my joints. I wake up and I crack my knuckles then stretch until every single joint cracks. I sit all day at work, so I always get up and stretch, and I found secret workplace appropriate ways to crack (by that, I mean I'm not sliding out of my chair to stretch my back like I do at home, not mbating.) I should write an article about that... hm...

Anyway - today the area between my knuckles and wrist hurts. Typing hurts (why blog when it hurts?) and m000ving it hurts. I want to go to MOO, the steakhouse on Beacon Street. or XO on Tremont Street. I love Ruth's Chris. So I think I have arthritis already.

For 13 years I was in dancing school. I did all kinds of dancing - tap, ballet, jazz, pointe, lyrical, gymnastics etc. (my favorite was lyrical and tap) One of my neighbors was my dance teacher, and she did tons of solos at the dance studio we went to (Marino Sisters! What what, Kelly!) She was basically a brat who got whatever she wanted because she was a good dancer, gross. What I loved about dancing was towards the end I started to lose interest because I was insecure and the people I danced with intimidated me, so I'd skip a few classes here and there - and the dance teacher would always give me shit (like REALLY give me shit, not in a playful way like most people do today) but I'm a quick learner (and a good dancer, might I add) so she'd always apologize after yelling at me because I picked up steps so easily. Ah, I love talking about myself. But what was I talking about originally? Oh right, neighbor dance teacher. SO - she did pointe (which is like Boston Ballet stuff, with the ballet shoes with blocks in the front to stand on your toes - and she got arthritis in her toes.

So I'm constantly freaked out I'm going to have body arthritis. And with the amount of typing I do - y'know, as a professional blogger - I'm certainly going to get it in my wrist/hands. Or at least carpel tunnel.

Work has gone by fast today, which I enjoy. I drank one of those 5 hour energy things. Could you tell? Also, I have ADD. Arthritis and ADD - aren't I the sexiest 22 year old ever ?? ;)


Nick said...

Let it be known that we shared the greatest Ruth's Chris experience of all. Because you got drunk on a nice bottle of wine, and we were mildly inappropriate in an incredibly fancy atmosphere. Plus Glenn showed up in a Patriot's shirt for dessert. Let's go back to NYC soon.

becky said...

i think the whole arthritis thing due to cracking joints is crap.

and if it's not crap, then break out a high back wicker wheel chair because i do this with my wrists all day.


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