Sunday, June 1, 2008

Surprise Retard

Last night was Julia's last night at Improv Asylum. She will not be managing no mo'. In ways, I'm like, good for her! It's time to move on (for most of us) and after three years? It's a good time. But that's the sane part of me, and the stubborn part of me is screaming, "NO! NO! NO!"

Over the past 3 years of Julia's tenure at the Asylum, she has left for two summers and the come back. She was promoted from usher to box office in about two years. And then in about two and a half years she was promoted to manager by Evan and I, her best friends. She did not receive business cards. A woman once told her that she was going to crack her skull and eat her brain, or something equally disturbing as that. She has slept with an employee. She hasn't done her job when she's on shift, but will often do my job when I'M on shift. She's taken multiple (hundred) cigarette breaks. The club has been her home. Well, for all of us, it's the place we go when we're bored and have nothing else to do, so instead of sitting at home reading or watching TV, we go to the Asylum. She has laughed, cried, danced, slept, fucked, yelled, smoked, drank, washed her laundry, oh and worked at the place. She'll sorely be missed. But I'm in denial about the whole thing and don't feel like I won't see her all the time. Fuck Wolfboro, bitch!

It was a fun time. She was in the Midnight Show and Evan played her favorite songs (Show Me Love, You Can Call Me Al, Crazy Bitch, James Taylor, etc) and he had a slideshow of Julia going all night. It was a great farewell, but also seemed a little creepy, sort of like she had died. We had cake and pizza and drinks and we all signed a card and I gave her gifts, one giant picture collage of her and I and a bag of self-destruction with red bull and cigarettes.

The picture above comes from a series taken by Ryan Petti (of Kiley's husband fame) and we took many "Surprise Retard" pictures, where Jeremy thought it was okay if pictures were taken where he looked retarded, as long as he was surprised.

Oh, and then some Spanish guys stopped in the middle of the street repeatedly telling us to take their picture. We didn't, and then the guys pulled over and pretended to get out of the car. Evan and I walked away in fear. Kiley jumped ahead and stood up for all of us, and then just stood there and watched them like a powerful hawk until they drove away. It was a beautiful moment.

In other words, I should probably leave soon too.

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Erin said...

Where does she think she's going anyway? I hate it.


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