Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Collision of Worlds

Today I was asked by one of my bosses to make dinner reservations for Lucca - something I had to do a lot at Improv Asylum. At first I was like, "Yay, something comfortable!" And then I called, and realized I had dialed the number without even looking it up, and then when Tanya answered I said, "Hi, it's Patty from Improv..." as if that had anything to do with what I was actually doing. Then I had to explain, "Um, well, I'm not actually calling for Improv - I don't know why I just said that."

Then, I was asked for tickets to improv via my work email. So I made ticket reservations for Friday's 8pm show for someone while not working the box office. I sent a confirmation email that was slightly drafted as I would have drafted one to a customer. (Except, I think I may have made a "tell them I'll kill them" comment.)

Finally, I just answered the phone and said, "Good evening, Improv Asylum."

It's like that one time when I used to work at Build-A-Bear workshop... did you all know that? Well now you do. We had to answer the phones like this: "Thank you for calling Build-A-Bear Workshop, where best friends are made, this is Patty speaking - How may I make your day?"

A) Puke. I will not be forced to be best friends, or make anyone's day... which is probably why I got fired. B) When I worked at the Museum of Fine Arts Store, I answered the phone and said that... and one of my co-workers just stared at me and cracked up.

I have trouble adjusting.

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