Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy Birthday USA

Last night to celebrate America's birthday Alison, Evan, Kiley, Ryan and I went to an Italian restaurant in the North End. We chose to sit on the roof deck, which only accommodated those who were 21 and older. Evan is not yet 21, although he's turning 21 tomorrow. Alison, in her white dress, kept telling the guy "He's turning 21 at midnight and he's not even going to drink." Well, no, he wasn't turning 21 at midnight, but the guy looked at his ID anyway and said okay.

"I'm totes ties, so I'm gonna eat some foods then go homes."

Alison has a way with wait staff. She gets really personal, she bats her eyelashes, and I wouldn't be surprised if the words, "Listen, I'm totes on my period and I need some food like pronto. But don't bother me with the wine list, I'm a recovering alcoholic and you're like trying to kill me right now. But I will take the lobster pasta soaked in the vodka sauce, thanks" came out of her mouth.

So, we sat together... finally. I mean, it had been a long time coming, the 5 of us getting together. We talked a lot about... a lot. Kiley and I got some wine, and Ryan got a beer, except he never received it. Alison never got her iced tea. And the service was pretty horrible. But we ordered antipasto, fried calamari, shrimp cocktail, ceaser salad and the "crazy lobster pasta" as Alison referred to it when ordering it. The food was good. Expensive, but not too bad because we split between 5 people and shared all the food. Oh us!

After that I ran into Trevor, Bryan and Jenny leaving IA and I grabbed a drink with them. A drink or two. I miss them. I feel like I haven't been around in so long, and I haven't seen Trev in so long. I miss them a lot, that's a fun part of my life. I also hung out with Jess and Janine earlier in the day, went out to dinner with my family, and then hung out with Nick, Eric and GLENN (with 2 n's) a bit earlier. Man, I am a whore!

Regardless, I'm enjoying not working at all this weekend. At all.

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