Thursday, July 17, 2008

Just Another Manic Wednesday

Last night I got to work and Julia was there and it was great. We gossiped, and smoked cigarettes and drank bud heavies. Well, no, we didn’t actually do that. But we did have a cigarette in her honor. I’m not a smoker… unless Julia’s around. She makes me! But it’s turned into something I associate with being with her, so I like that.

After work we hung out at Goody’s. Jeremy came later at like 1 o’clock and after ordering his salty margarita, he said, “I love this. We’ve taken over the entire upstairs.” And yeah, it’s nice. The entire upstairs was filled with Improv Asylum people, or people associated with Improv Asylum. And best of all, Seriously Bent was partially reunited. Well, yea, basically. Mitch, Nick, Nick, Jules, Kelly, Trevor and I. I was in a bad mood from working – because it’s really difficult juggling managing, ushering, bartending, box officing and performing. It’s been turning out that Wednesdays are the days everything chooses to go wrong, or to just be so unexpectedly busy. By the time I do my show I can’t even focus because my head is thinking, “Who’s watching the front room?” or other work related things. It sucks.

But, when you go to Goody’s and see Matt Catanzano flirting with Hank, and Jonah being small and great, and Julia being Julia, and Nick Wilson giving me shit for everything, “because he loves me”, then how can you not smile again? It felt good to not go home and worry about having to wake up at 7 the next morning. It was a worry-free night and when I woke up at 7:10, it was like whatever. I didn’t drink so I didn’t wake up feeling like death.

Trevor: Can you work for me next Thursday?
Me: Yea… I guess I can do ONE pasta night.
Trevor: Was that your plan in not working Thursdays?
Me: Maybe…
Trevor: Well, the thing is, we have a Seriously Bent show and I’d invite you to do it… but if anyone should do it, it should be me…

Oh, and the new season of Project Runway is on. I’m really feeling it. (Um, Austin was on the first episode! And they re-did the grocery store challenge which got me hooked in the first place! Although... not very innovative...) I’m looking forward to Wednesday night watching sessions (soon, hopefully!) and being 100% committed to drama that is not mine!

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