Tuesday, July 8, 2008

MY Boston

I love Boston. I remember one time I went to Pittsburg to visit my sister and there was this guy in the shuttle that said, "I'd like to go to Boston, I hear it's a great town." and my sister said, "It is... to visit." and I was so offended! I said, "No! It's nice to live in, too!"

This might go against all of my "Grrrrr! I wanna move to New York! Hmpf!" posts. But really, I do think Boston's a great city. Plus, it's where all of my family and friends reside, I know my way around, and there are actually places where "everyone knows my name..." so it makes liking the place much easier.

Improper Bostonian's current issue highlights the best of the best of this city. I don't agree with all of their choices, some I've never heard of, some sound wonderful, some are stupid, and some are spot on. My good friend Mike was a contributor and had a little something to do with their Best Bars & Clubs section, which is sort of ironic to me. He's not much of a drinker, or a clubber... but, hey, he's on the "Contributors" page and his skin is blue. Now my two favorite Mike's have had their picture in Improper Bostonian this year. Muahaha.

Here are some of the things I love about Boston... and really, it's only my opinion that counts. They are my 3 favorite bars... ranging from not-so-fancy to ooh! fancy!

The Green Dragon. It's a dive bar, and there's absolutely nothing special about it. But since I've been gallivanting around the city, I've gone here. Dana and I used to have our pre-improv class date nights there, where we'd dine on sandwiches and "freedom fries". But, what makes it special nowadays is my favorite bartender in the whole city, Ryan! I used to call him "Lutz" because I thought that's what he was saying, but come to find out, it was "Lugs" because his last name is Lug.... something. (I wrote it on a napkin, but then I left it at the bar) He's SO nice, totally adorable, he plays 90's R&B (and often lets us control the playlists), makes my drinks extra hard, and puts Steve and I's tab under "FAVS". Go visit him! And order the "Scarlett O'Hara". There's a napkin drawing on the mirror (as of last night) - that's my masterpiece, not a 5-year-old's.

Silvertone. It's on Bromfield Street off of Tremont. It's my favorite restaurant ever! It has like, 20 options on the menu and I've had a majority of them over the years, and they are all GREAT. And the cocktails are awesome. They make their own rasberry vodka, so the Rasberry Martini and the Rasberry Cosmo are muy delicioso. Their style is casual and comfort food-esque (their Mac n' Cheese & Steak tips are so good, and while Sara hated their Meatloaf, Julia enjoyed it.) But, they're closed on Sundays & all Monday holidays. That's weird.

Clink. @ The Liberty Hotel. This I love for so many reasons. One, they had a great gin martini, albeit expensive. Two, I was there with Jeremy and Alison which is always a fun time. Three, it's in the lobby of The Liberty Hotel - which used to be the Charles Street Jail so there are brick walls and jail cells with fancy, modern lighting and decor. It has history... and a cheese adventure! We ordered prosciutto and the cheese plate with delicious pairings. Mmm. Can we go again? We went on a Sunday at like 11, so it was pretty dead. Jeremy, Evan and I tried to go on a Friday later and it was really busy and filled with young professionals talking about business and other things young professionals talk about.
OKAY, that's enough. I'm done. I'm tired.

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