Wednesday, July 2, 2008

New Kids on the Block

There's a really young intern in here today to work with our IT guy, John. He's here with his sister and they're watching the music videos playing in the lobby. NKOTB was on and the girl kept making fun of them. Then she said, "Who is this? Are they a boy band?" I didn't say anything - but I wanted to be like "WHAT!?!??! ARE YOU SERIOUS???" I mean, sure, some of the faces could go unrecognized... but cleaaarrlllyyyy that's Jordan Knight and Joey McIntyre!

I mean, I'm a little young for New Kids - but I was old enough to remember them. I vividly remember my sister going to a concert with our neighbors, and I could care less. I just stayed home playing Barbies, in fact some of my Barbies were rubbing their flat privates on the non-existent privates of the NKOTB dolls. I never got into the music... I didn't really care about all that when I was little. But then I really got into Backstreet Boys full-force later in life, so maybe everyone has a boy band void in their heart they need to fill.

I was amazed they didn't know who it was... and then at the end of the video it said the details and band name, and the kid goes, "Isn't that old?" I felt old. I may have been young, but I knew the power of New Kids On The Block (and, for those who get the reference, I keep writing New Kids on the Blog and correcting myself.) And sure, I may know Joey and Jordan because of the singles they released when I was in my teeny bopper prime, but oh well. Kids these days, right??

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becky said...

that beast. she doesn't know the joy of wearing a button of donnie walberg the size of her torso.


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