Sunday, July 20, 2008

Planes, Trains, Automobiles

I spent Friday evening and Saturday morning in New York City. After a horrid, story-out-of-a-movie T/cab ride to the station to get el tren, I finally stepped down into the 1930's and smelled the charcoal-y, foggy goodness of the locomotive world. I boarded the train to Penn Station and immediately knew I had spent the best $90 of my life. Luxury!

So I got to New York at 6pm, took the train downtown to meet my sister and then we walked to our hotel. The Hotel Duane, also known as the best hotel I've ever stayed at. The walls were green, and the floors were hardwood, and the furniture was nice, and the bathroom was nice, and the mini-bar was adorable and had gummy bears. Gummy bears! In a can. Betsy, her friend Amanda and I ate dinner at this place called Gotham (in honor of The Dark Knight) and yes, my $44 steak was delicious.

I left today because I had to work tonight. I decided to take a plane because my mother had a soon-to-be-expired credit for Jet Blue. So, to save money on el tren (because I'm not taking a bus again in the near future... no way) I chose a plane. Plus, it's a 40 minute ride. But yeah, get there smoothly with no problems and I had an AWESOME smoothie with blueberries, raspberries, bananas and coconut milk! We boarded on time, and everything was great. But... we sat on the runway for about an hour and a half. The captain eventually said, "It looks like we won't be getting out of here any time soon. There's no further info I can give. Those with connecting overnight flights out of Boston will have to take them tomorrow... negative comment, negative comment, we're all doomed, etc." So I freaked out. I called and tried to get someone to work for the night, or at least until I got there. Nobody came through. I was crying hysterically on the plane, an old woman (flying for the first time ever and was scared in general of the whole experience) comforted me. She took out some tissues and demanded some information from the flight attendants and said, "She has to be at work! Nobody can cover for her, just a little bit of positive would help!" It was nice. But still, I nearly had a heart attack.

All of a sudden, 15 minutes later, they were like "OK we're leaving now." Like, what? We were pulled over with no escape, stranded on a plane. Then all of a sudden, nothing was wrong and he acted like nothing ever happened. He should not have been so crazy negative and freaked us all out.

Miraculously I got to work at 5:55. And had a great, smooth night. I worked efficiently, my staff pulled together and was great, and I drank a 7hr energy thing and it was SO great.

My neck is now broken out though because I'm allergic to my necklace. So, there's that.

Oh, and there's also how Kelly got harassed by some drunken guy who didn't know words. And when Jess picked us up, 3 old men walked up to the car, peered into our window, and asked if we wanted to go pick up cocaine.

So... yeah, great to be back!

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