Monday, July 28, 2008

Upper Cut

For my lunch break I decided to take a stroll through Faneuil Hall instead of eating. There aren't many stores there that I like - but I do like to stop into Coach every now and then and see what's new and good. I take a look at things I probably can't afford and shouldn't buy - but I toy with the idea of buying it anyway... and sometimes I do make the purchase - but not that often.

Anyway, I always get the feeling when I walk into those kind of stores (Coach, Louis Vuitton, Tiffany's) that the sales people are a little bit... snobbish. I mean, they shouldn't be... a sales person is a sales person is a sales person. But - I feel like they're judging every person who walks through the door. I'm generally carrying a Coach bag, and they detect it right away and are super nice to me as soon as I walk in. They either compliment my bag, or something I'm wearing. Today it was my skirt, last time it was my hair color. It's like I walk in and they're like, "Ah, one of us!" So they smile and nod, and help me out.

I sort of feel like, "Hey - that's so retarded." but then it's like, I am buying Coach bags. Sometimes I spend $300 on a bag... that will just eventually have beer poured on it in Chicago. So maybe I'm a snob, too. But I just bought a bag from Target... so maybe not.

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