Monday, July 28, 2008

Well, do I have tons to blog about! But I’m not going to blog much about this past weekend. I was in a wedding. I was a bridesmaid. The color scheme was green and purple – and that’s my favorite. It took place all over Rhode Island, but the ceremony/reception was in Bristol in a 19th century mansion where former presidents and Ethel Barrymore hung out. It was amazingly nice, and Dana and Nael are so damn creative.

Other than that – exciting things also happened with my hand. I bought myself a new cocktail ring that is shiny. It was super cheap at Macy’s and now I am engaged to myself. Thanks for your pending congratulations! Also, the other exciting thing is my nails. While yes, I got a manicure for the wedding – I also had a dilemma. I completely ripped one of my nails off. Like, I shaved it off. And, I was missing half a nail – and it was kind of disgusting. And painful.

So, the manicurist put a fake nail on one of my nails. They now look nice, and you can’t tell it’s an acrylic. I used to get acrylic nails all the time when I was younger and more ghetto. Every two weeks you’d find me at D&N nails with my hair parted and gelled back into a bun, wearing slightly baggy clothing. I’m not kidding, by the way. But, I would get them long so you could tell I meant business. But – now I feel so much better. I’m a normal person again. It’s like I have a fake leg, or a fake eyeball.

I’m in a really odd place right now in my mind. It’s sort of bouncing off walls. I’m antsy, angry, happy, excited, apathetic, infuriated, annoyed, joyful – the list goes on. I want to have a party. A nice, fun party where I can cook and entertain people in my home, where I will be installing a new bar. So… happy Monday.

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