Thursday, July 31, 2008

Well, here it is.

Ah, Wednesdays. They're one of my favorite days! It's the middle of the week, I get to perform at night, I see tons of people that I love all in one day - and we're obligated to see each other! Last night was no different, I felt that our show was great and I had a ton of fun. I was being a social butterfly, too.

Then (and this is where the record scratches...) it all went down hill.

Evan said, "Guess who's coming?!? Nick Wilson! Let's go tackle him!"

So I ran. He ran. We ran. He made it to Nick, and I... skipped a step. One minute I'm running and the next I'm on the floor. People were cracking up. Then I went to stand up - and I couldn't. I have bad ankles in general, so I thought it was nothing. But then I started to cry... and I couldn't stop. I was feeling many mixed emotions like "No! It'll be fine!" and then I would hear, "Holy shit, look at her foot." There was an egg-sized lump on the top of my foot.

I decided it wasn't going to get better if I walked it off - like my usually sprained ankle treatments. So I had Paul trying to ice my foot in the best way, Evan catching a cab, and Nick telling me stories about racist family members so I could be distracted. Or at least I think. Maybe he was just thinking, "This is a really good time to tell the story. I can't hold it in anymore!"

Eventually my army of men came from upstairs and ran down the stairs to help me. Evan caught me a cab, Dan and Doug acted as my crutches... wait, I left my shoe! No I got my shoe. My leg's up on Evan - and we're off. I was just thinking, "Thank god I shaved my legs." as my leg was rubbed for comfort.

Then we were at MGH. And Evan got me a wheel chair. I got in the wheel chair and the brakes were on so it was hard to move it - but we didn't get why until someone came and took the brakes off. Then we were basically going halfway across the parking lot to find a flat spot in the curb - but some patient yelled, "No! There's an entrance over there!" so we backtracked and went for the sensible entrance. We're idiots. But it was hilarious, like out of a movie.

Then we were in the waiting room. Evan read me excerpts from Spike Lee's diary. Some doctor took my info - and he was sort of a cock. Then some sassy guy took down more info and registered me in the system. I liked sassy guy. He laughed at Evan and I's jokes, and when I told him how it happened he laughed. I needed sassy guy to stay with me. Where did you go, Sassy Guy? (Later we will find out that he left and got a pizza. A whole pizza! I didn't see ANYONE ELSE eat a slice of that pizza! Oh, he's so sassy.)

Then we were wheeled off to another waiting room. Well, I was, Evan did the wheeling. This time with more people crushed together in a tiny room. A little boy got up and Evan said, "What's the policy on stealing seats?" Then another man was wheeled in and Evan said, "Wheelchair fight!"

I'm going to skip through all the parts where my parents came and Evan left and I was put on a stretcher and I had to pee really bad, and when I finally made it, I hurt my foot badly again. And then about 3 hours later, finally, I got some X-rays done and the only thing I was thinking was, "Thank god I just got a pedicure!"

The end result? They couldn't really tell in the X-ray. But the doctor said it looked like a slight crack/severe sprain. So, I've got me a little cast on and using some crutches. I'm bed-ridden for two days. TWO DAYS. And I'm in a lot of pain.

Damn you, Nick Wilson.

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Erin said...

Get well soon!


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