Wednesday, August 20, 2008

the 43 things I LIKE ABOUT YOU

I’ve spent all day on I love making a life list… of things I want to do with my life but probably won’t. And I’ll probably forget my username to this website, so it’s not like I’m going to follow it forever. But putting it all in front of me, and reading off a list of all the things I want to do – is fun and inspiring. But I’ll forget I even did it tomorrow. I have a short attention span. (Proving I actually do have ADD is on my life list of things to do…) So far I have 20 things.

I think it’s funny though, reading through the hopes and dreams of people I don’t know. It’s interesting to see the variations of serious goals and silly little thoughts. Like, “hug the Jonas Brothers” was one person’s thing – and “color a whole coloring” book was another one. But then you get the kind of dreams like “finally kick this cancer in the ass” where it’s like… real. But if you’re trying to compile a list of 43, or 100, things you want to do with your life, for the first 5 you’re like “make money while staying happy!” and “have a kid!” and then you lose steam and it’s like… “Make up a word nobody’s ever said in their life.”

That reminds me of PostSecret, where the range in secrets is so funny. One postcard will say “When I was little I thought the overhead projector was an x-ray machine.” And then, the next one says “I wish I could forgive you for raping me, but I can’t.” The things people send have such variety… they make you cry… and laugh… and sometimes you’re just disgusted or weirded out.

Some of my 43things include:
1. have a conversation in Spanish
2. take a yoga class
3. walk into the Pantheon
4. get a tattoo
5. have something published
6. calm down
7. live in New York City
8. learn how to make good coffee instead of buying S-bucks
9. read the Great Gatsby (I’m on it)
10. turn a book into a screenplay

Things I’ve done that other 43things people WANT to do:
1. took an improv class (and then some!)
2. learned to swim
3. graduated with a high GPA
4. got into a fight (I f’d that b up!)
5. wrote
6. had a scary ghost experience (!!!)
7. taught myself to play a song on the piano
8. became an actor
9. type 100wpm
10. got promoted

1 comment:

Erin said...

Here's one thing I love about you: belts.

Here's another: you throw away vinegar-y wine when I didn't have the courage to do so.

Here's another: bangs.



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