Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ahhhhh!! Now!!!

At work, we use Yahoo IM. So we have the option of making these little avatar things. Me and this one girl, Nicole, keep changing ours and saying our internet versions of ourselves are much cooler than our actual selves. Right now she is on vacation, so her avatar is her at a beach. But last week, when I was sitting at my desk watching endless hours of MTV and VH1, and she was posting jobs online - yahoo Patty was in Rome and yahoo Nicole was in Paris. We're jetsetters!

Well this week yahoo-Patty is ALREADY in Vegas... with her Boxer and 2 penguins in a super cool dress.

ONE WEEK and I will be too! With my dog and penguins! And my super cute dresses! But not those shoes. Those shoes are not appropriate. Especially with a slightly sprained ankle.
Today was an exciting day at work. I think I may have made the right decision.


Erin said...

Where are you staying in Vegas?!

Patty Barrett said...

The Flamingo! I'm SO excited!

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