Thursday, August 7, 2008

the Housies

Last night was the end of a very good run of House Teams. It was one of the best runs we've had in a long time (both this one and the last one) and it was refreshing. For a while there, it felt dead. It was a decaying 10pm slot where no audience showed up and nobody was psyched to do it. But somehow, it was revived. People responded well, new blood was brought in, team mates got along - and there ya have it, a successful revival of the House Teams.

Luckily, it was a good show night for EVERY team. Sometimes it's like, eh, boring, low energy, awkward, painful... but - last night was super great for everybody involved. The three team names were Dirty South, Get out, bitch! and the Hi-5 Gang. I'm on Hi-5 gang. I don't know why we're called that. I think it was my suggestion one week, when we were all in a really great mood and I wanted something happy. But, yeah, we all had fun. Everyone was in a good mood. Those are good days - when everybody is in a good mood, everyone is high energy, and we go out and we rock the fucking stage. Woo!

Afterwards we had the first ever Housies: The House Team Awards. Several objects were encased in glitter - like a porcelain rabbit, a tiny iron, a spoon, a globe, a thermos and what Evan called an "elf's lantern" - and they were our awards. The categories were "Best Character" (Evan for 'Patty's sassy assistant' during the Rapunzel episode of Hi-5 Gang), "Most Dedicated" (ME, bitches), "Matt Catanzano's Lifetime Achievement Award for Persona" (The one and only Dave Boz), "Best Scene" (Dirty South), "Most Valuable Player" (Keith Littles, of course!), and I think "Best Line" (babyface Gudernatch).

Regardless, I had so much fun. And it felt really great. And I'm super excited for what's coming up next on the next season of "The House Teams".

Also, I have a new nickname from Harry Gordon:

Harry: That's my nick name for you now.

me: Snatch?

Harry: Snatch Store. You are where I store my snatch. So I can access it any time I need it. Like if I need to put my penis in a snatch. You have one already stored up for me to put it in. HARRY!

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