Monday, August 4, 2008

Look at those faces.

Reasons Why Improv Asylum Staff Should Not Go To Six Flags:

Upon entering the park, a girl saw me on crutches and said to her friend, angrily, “Why would you even bother coming??” And I was infuriated. I wasn’t even in front of her and walking slow – I was just off in the distance. So I was going up the ramp and I yelled, “IS THIS AFFECTING YOU IN ANYWAY?? I DON’T THINK SO, SO SHUT YOUR FUCKING MOUTH YOU FUCKING DOUCHE.” Good one, me.

While standing in line for the Superman ride I noticed the ugliest man I’ve ever seen. Well, maybe not the ugliest – but he was definitely up there. And I pointed him out to Jenny, and we started dying laughing. Then I told everyone, and we all waited until the line whipped around so he could be seen again, and Liza said, “Whoa…” and Jenny collapsed laughing. Kelly said, “That’s an unfortunate looking man.” And Bryan pointed out that we were going to die on the ride, because karma’s a bitch. (Note: We didn’t.)

Jonas kept farting every other second.

I made a Six Flags staff member feel like shit for doing a shitty job.

We get hot and cranky and would prefer riding the Twisty (a local restaurant with hot dogs) than waiting in line for more rides.

I had my last night at Improv Asylum on Saturday. It was sort of bull-shit. I was managing and I couldn’t even move around to do anything, so I just sat around all night while the entire place crumbled around me and I couldn’t help out. Not that there was much I could do, but it sucked not being proactive and moving around. And I’m not going anywhere – I’ll still be around. So, it wasn’t that sentimental. I mean it was sad, because I really do love everyone. They’re my family. Well, most of them are, and I love those ones. But I felt like an outcast on my own last night, as the new generation played their hooligan games and took over. (No offense to Trevor and Bryan! At least Bryan’s responsible!)

I guess I just don’t feel like it’s over. I feel like I’m Nina Garcia - Editor-at-Large at Elle Magazine, I’m the Manager-at-Large at Improv Asylum. Oh well!

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liz said...

I am so proud of you for telling off that douche. A confrontation is so what I would have decided upon as well.


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