Monday, August 25, 2008

My Super Sweet 16

As you all know - because you read this religiously, right?? huh??- you know that at my job, MTV or VH1 plays throughout the entire day. I getting heaping helpings of shows like "I Love Money", "New York goes to LA" and of course, "My Super Sweet 16".

The girls on this show are SO ridiculous. They have photo shoots with snakes on the beach, they practice dance routines at The Point (yes, in Boston), they go to Vegas/Paris/London/Miami for designer dresses, they pay thousands to have singers come to their party (and millions for names like Rihanna), circus performers, Mercades, etc etc. I hate them all.

For my 16th birthday, I went to school. My locker was decorated with streamers, sheets of paper that said "HAPPY BIRTHDAY PATTY" and all of my friends signed it. There was also a picture of Donny Osmond on my locker, thanks to Kathy, and I remember one of my favorite teachers saying, "Oh! Donny Osmond! Why the HELL do you like Donny Osmond? That's really creepy... what? Donny Osmond!?" She wouldn't let it go. But it was a joke. She didn't get it. She cried a lot - she was like 23 and hated being a teacher. Luckily, she's not one anymore. Which is a shame, because we really got along.

Anyways, my super sweet 16! So, I got all dressed up in my favorite pair of black pajama pants that I considered my "dressy" pants - and my best black hoodie - and I gathered all the ladies up and we went to Cheers in Boston. Yup, that's right, Cheers. The one in Faneuil Hall. Why did I go to Cheers? Well, I was in a "Cheers" phase of my life. It had just started playing on Nick-at-Night, and I would watch it every night. I have NO clue why. I was sixteen and I was obsessed with Cheers? What was wrong with me?

After Cheers, we went back to my house. And we ended up dressing up in crazy costumes, and making a video that was like a talk show, but everyone performed a song or dance and was then interviewed. God, I wish I could see that tape today. And then everyone slept over.

So - basically - here's what I've learned from my own SUPER SWEET 16.

  • Cheers?

  • Being friends with teachers isn't cool.

  • When you're 16, people don't understand "Donny Osmond jokes", they just think you're weird.

  • I always had an improviser in me. (hey-o!)

  • I'm glad I'm not a spoiled brat.

Every birthday after that (for the past 6 years) was spent at Improv Asylum. Until I started working there... when, in that case, it was/is STILL spent at IA in some way. Creepy. I've never been cool, huh? Oh well, I'm totally awesome anyway. I wish I had 16th birthday pictures - but I don't. I had blond hair.... and awkwardness.

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