Wednesday, August 6, 2008

So far, I'm feelin' OWT.

I have been a Project Runway fiend since the very beginning – when I saw that fabulous decaying corn husk dress walk down the runway, designed by Mr.(s) Austin Scarlett, I was amazed. Like, what?? A reality show that focused on talent and had really innovative challenges that required hard work and not drinking and doing it? I loved it. (That being said… I also watch reality shows that focus on drinking and doing it… I love the dramz.)

Maybe it’s because I love gay people so much… but the past few seasons have made my life complete. Specifically Seasons 1, 2 and 4. Season 3 I could take or leave. Regardless! This season is totally pissing me off. There’s such a lack of talent – such a lack of innovation (they’re re-doing challenges from previous seasons…which I love, but come on.) I like a few of the designers, and I LOVE that Wesley (who left last week) was f’ing Daniel. (Told you – love the dramz.) Like Tim Gunn would say, “Do NOT bore Nina!” well Nina’s bored, I can see it in her beady eyes. And Patty’s bored, too. But Tim Gunn doesn’t know me. If he did, he’d say it. And he’d also say, “You’re a hot mess. It’s bothersome.” But that’s what Jeremy’s for.

So, if you’re just tuning into Project Runway on its final Bravo season – well then, I’m sorry. Borrow my DVD’s. It just upsets me… because I love it so much. And it started so much good in the world – it brought so much reality TV to Bravo… good reality TV! Top Chef is so good! Shear Genius is fun! But now it’s leaving Bravo because Bravo’s gay (literally) and Project Runway’s gay & well, them some catty bitches.

In other news… my purple and blue foot is seriously a hot tranny mess. I was going to post a picture and then I thought you’d all be disgusted. You know, you “all”. All 130 something of you, because yeah, I put a counter on this blog because numbers are important to me. It’s a numbers game. And about 60 of those “hits” are from me, I’m sure. Even though I blocked my own IP from being counted… I go on everyone’s computer at work and sign onto my blog. Numbers!

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