Sunday, August 10, 2008


Where was all this rain and thunder when I was trying to sleep in this morning? When I opened my eyes at 8:30 - saw the sunlight, threw the covers over my head, and failed to fall back asleep. I love summer thunderstorms... or, well, I used to. When they were rare. Now it's like, "Do you know what time the thunder's going to start today?" Today was about 4. I first saw it on Rt. 1.

My dog is cute because he's afraid of them. So everytime he hears the rumbling he comes up and presses his body against mine for comfort. He's like 11. Every single day I get sad when I see him... he's feeble. He takes shorter walks. It takes him a while to get up stairs - often he barks and barks until someone comes out to cheer him on. He was undeniably the cutest puppy I ever saw. He's still the cutest dog. I want him to live forever... becuase I don't know how I'll deal without him. And most importantly - what will my phone backgrounds be?

I remember cheerleading practice would always get canceled on nights like this. When it was rainy and thundering. I would always get excited. The other girls made me nervous. I did it until my best friend went camping, I quit when she wasn't there. I preferred dancing school - I was in my own element. Nowadays I have improv rehearsals - and they don't get canceled for anything weather related. You better risk your life for those things. You better run there from the Ruth Chris steakhouse balling your eyes out, bitch.

But anyway, it's the end of the world and it's World War III. We're at war. And Russia invaded Georgia. Y'know, the country that's sort of Eastern Europe and sort of Asia. Paula Dean does not have a restaurant there. Thunderstorms are happening everyday. Global warming is ruining us. We're in a recession. Coach bags are more expensive! And, worst of all, I sprained my ankle. I'm scared. And I have a big decision to make about my life and I'll probably be thrown for a loop tomorrow. Sigh.

In other news, I bought earrings on QVC from Heidi Klum's line and I'm lovin' them. And I cut my own bangs. I am an artist!

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