Friday, August 8, 2008


I wanted to retract a statement I made last week about Trevor being irresponsible and Bryan being responsible. Bryan still is WAY MORE, but I'd like to say that Trevor is as well. I mean, he's been in the hospital three times for alcohol-related pancreatitis... and has never read a book in his life... but he has a great manager face. And ties... many ties. That's one thing he's got on me as a manager, Norm loves a guy in a tie, and I just... can't compete. But really, I love him. He's one of my favorite people in the world. And my blog is the only way we really hang out anymore. I use this blog as a means to communicate with Trevor.

What else can I say about Trevor? One time he got a hand job that required two hands and loud, disgusting spitting on the hands. It was awkward for him - and for all of us as the story was re-told. And I'm sure for her, if she's reading this. But I don't know who it is. But I love his current girlfriend, so I hope she's not offended... but I doubt she is. And if she wants me to tell a sexual story about her and Trevor, then I'll just go ahead and say that I walked in on the two of them having sex. Doggy style. Listen, I was under the influence... and I said, "Hey guys! We're going in the pool - you wanna go in the pool with us?" As Trevor covered himself with a pillow and Kaitlin dove in the covers. I didn't leave, because that would have made it more awkward, right?? (No.)
I like working with Trevor and we're a great duo. We balance each other out well. When managing, we're a powerhouse. We don't let any fool through those doors. And when writing, we're great. He may not be a great student - but he's a damn fucking funny comedian with a lot of great ideas. And a great trophy girl. And he plays Raven Simone better than Raven Simone.

If only he'd get a decent haircut from somewhere that isn't Blaine.

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