Monday, August 18, 2008

Two Posts? One Hour? How exciting for you!

So I love Tina Fey. Like, as soon as I laid my eyes on Tina Fey 6 or 7 years ago, I was like, "Man, I want to be her!" And then I read about her - and then I was like "Man, I REALLY want to be like her!" I, too, want to move to Chicago and learn improv! I, too, want to work in a YMCA and watch old people work out! I, too, want to be the first female head writer at Saturday Night Live!

So, instead of Chicago I chose staying home and learning improv in Boston (not to say I'll never go to Chicago for improv...) and I chose working at an improv theater, as opposed to a smelly YMCA. And well, I can't be the first female head writer at SNL because she's already done it - among other reasons.

But seriously, I am so in love with her. I've been infatuated with her for a long time. Y'know, before she made it big and it became cool to love her. Not that I'm special or anything... (I totally am!)

So, as I was reading Self today (remember: soul cleansing) I saw Jennifer Lopez as the cover girl most inspiring woman. And I thought, "Oh man, great, J-Lo's great, whatever... she had babies.. songs... butt... BUT i better turn this page and see Tina Fey because she is INSPIRING!" And then I got mad at Self. So, so mad. Then I turned the page and there she was! Smiling at me in her blue top! She was the second person! And I literally squeeled. I'm gay. No, literally. I squeeled over a lady! But I don't love her for her lady parts... I love her for her funny brains!

Anyway, the best part of this was that she was voted "most inspiring" for "Proving that a smart, funny, and yes, sexy, comedienne can beat the boys every time."

The next most inspiring woman? Reese Witherspoon. For what? "For making major strides against poverty and violence."

So, hm, Reese is curing AIDS, saving babies from the hands of baby rapists, and stopping men from beating women... but hey, Tina Fey is empowering feminists by being a smart, funny lady(and stopping TV production to make more money doing so) in a land ruled by funny men.

Sigh... she's my hero. :-)

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