Thursday, September 11, 2008


I've never been in a band. (Unless you count the public school system band where I played the clarinet. You don't? OK then.) I've never yearned to be in a band, either. But I've always thought the idea of being in a band was pretty cool. In high school - there were some kids (I'm sure a ton of kids) who started a band and I thought it was the most cool thing. I went to one show, and I didn't enjoy the music as much as I enjoyed the feeling of knowing somebody on stage.

It's the people behind the scenes that amaze me. Just like how all I thought about was the people in the band - rather than the actual band... it's people's thoughts. When I went to Vegas (did I mention I went to Vegas?) all I could think about was getting a giant frozen pina colada. BUT THEN - I thought about all the people who were there to work. The people who were so amazed with Vegas that they wanted to do something in the Vegas-industry. They weren't quite ready for New York or LA - and Vegas is a great learning ground. The jobs are there, ready to be filled - and there are a ton of them. And hey, if it doesn't work out becoming a Vegas showgirl - or a Chippendales dancer - then the Flamingo is always looking for annoying greeters to make you feel uncomfortable... and there are hardly enough Elvis impersonators strolling the strip. Or porn card hander-outers.

But, so, here's my main case study for this blog: The Janitors. The Janitors were a band made of 4 guys who played rock songs (with a keyboard, two guitars, and a fake drum set that barely made any noise). They were headlining V Bar at the Venetian in the late-afternoon/early-evening slot. Were they really called The Janitors? No. I don't know what their real names were... but that is what we named them because the men looked like they could have been janitors. They were slightly too old to be young and too young to be old. One was Asian, or maybe Filipino. Two were African-American (I'm so PC) and only one of them looked like they were meant to be in a band - well more like a poetry slam. While the other looked like he was literally cleaning the tables and jumped on the stage. The other was Mexican. They had great voices, actually, and they weren't that bad.

The bar had about 8 people total in it. There was a table of four middle aged men and woman. Steve and I (25 and 22) and then another couple who were older and looked miserable. Their audience was... lacking. And they kept smiling and looking at us - because they didn't have anything else to work with. Except when two older ladies got up and danced... embarrassingly.

Anyway - I am just SO curious about their thoughts. Did they form pre-Vegas? Did they all come to Vegas to make it?? Are they actually janitors?? Where the hell did they meet? What do they want from Vegas? And finally, what was their actual band's name?

Call me, j-tors.

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Erin said...

"The Janitors" is a really great band name. Start it.


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