Friday, September 26, 2008

The Good, The Bad and the Whatever

Today is raining.

Good: I bought a BRIGHT yellow umbrella! (ala How I Met Your Mother). HIMYM lovers all over Boston are going to think I'm SO awesome. There'll be an inside joke among us all - a shared look - and maybe a point of the finger. If I'm lucky, a "that's right, girl!" It is perfect sleeping in weather this weekend - and I CAN sleep in!
Bad: I'm wearing a white t-shirt, no jacket, and I went outside and got soaked. I have to sit through work til 5:30 and work tonight at IA... customers and co-workers are going to be all up in my boobs tonight.
The whatever: It's Friday. Everything's OK on Friday.

This past week has been a week.

The good: I had a good Monday. Who has good MONDAYS? Something awesome happened that has never happened to me and it was awesome. Oh, and I put in place a water system that will save my company 75% the cost of water. (Seriously - if your company has Poland Springs.. GET RID OF IT! Walter filtration is the way to go!!) Shows came back!! I bought a new pair of boots that I love....
The bad: I bought a pair of brown boots and I have practically NOTHING that matches with brown. No trip to Vegas was booked. None whatsoever. None offered, none booked... I didn't win anything.
Whatever: It's over, who cares?

I'm working at IA tonight.

The good: ......
The bad: I'm missing Nick's birthday party. I'm soaked and uncomfortable. I'm tired.
The whatever: I'll make some money, right? About... $30. Go me!

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Anonymous said...

Green and brown go together really well. And, correct me if I am wrong, you have green right? Just don't wear them with black.


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