Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Holy Doritos!

Kelly: Can you believe they raised the price of Doritos from 99 cents to $1.29!
Kelly: I mean, it's a bigger bag, but still.
Me: Yeah, but I bet they just say there's more chips but there actually isn't.
Kelly: No, there are more chips. I'm a Doritos connoisseur.

A couple of months ago, Michael Anastasia was in the Improper Bostonian's most eligible bachelor and bachelorettes issue. Nominating him for that, and the day he found out I did it, is still one of the funniest days of my life. And the best phone calls I've ever recieved.

Picture me, sitting in the basement of the Improv Asylum. The phone rings, Liza picks it up. I hear, "Good afternoon, Improv Asylum... yeah, she's here... (laughs) Okay... Patty, it's for you."

Me: Hello?
Mike on speakerphone from the corp. office: So I just got a call from the Improper Bostonian...

and then I screamed in excitement. And he will forever give me angry looks for doing it - although he secretly loved it.

Anyways - in it, there was a blurb about him which stated that he was a whiskey connoisseur. Apparently it was a joke, but it was still kind of funny. He just loves him some Jamie, that's all.

So, I imagined Kelly in the next issue... wearing leggings, an oversized shirt and no pants, and knit hat and her new black rimmed glasses... talking about being from Peabody and her single life as a Doritos enthusiast.

I'm nominating her, who's with me?

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