Sunday, September 21, 2008

In Case You Haven't Kept Up With My Statuses...

I watched the Emmy's tonight for the first time ever. I've watched bits and pieces, but I never sat down and watched them in full. I only realized they were on because I put on E! and saw red carpet coverage and I was like, "Oh yeah."

I thought A) I have nothing to do but read about Edward and Bella's wedding which is also important B) I kinda love television and C) I'M SORT OF IN LOVE WITH TINA FEY.

So I watched... and I laughed at many things... like the Ricky Gervais and Steve Carrell bit that made me feel so incredibly awkward and I thought it was real. And many other things that I don't care to recall because the only thing I care about is Tina Fey!

My god, I love her. From when she first walked out in her sexy black dress and presented with Amy Poehler... and when she won the Best Writer award for "Cooter" and when she said "NERDS!" to start off her speech... and then when she won for Best Leading Actress and when Alec Baldwin won and then when "30 Rock" won for best show...

I really felt like I was watching a football game and my team won. I'm just happy. I just love her and everything she stands for. Except babies, I don't want a baby. I am SUCH a crazy power lesbian right now.

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