Sunday, September 14, 2008

Last Night

Last night I worked in the box office of Improv Asylum.

I haven't worked the box office in about two years. Well, at night at least. There were some things I missed, like the lack of stress. I could sit in the box office and not worry about getting the show started on time... I could watch YouTube videos during intermission and not get in trouble. Of course I didn't... because after being a manager, I have this thing where I can't just sit there. I have to get up and help... and give 5 (get punched in the face by Richie)... help the bar line move faster (and get angry at a man who waved money in my face and screamed his order like he was 10 ft. away).. but that's my own OCD. I have to take charge, I can't just sit back. Maybe that's a good thing. Or maybe not.

But last night was good. I liked working the box because I know what I'm doing, and I can fix problems easily after working the box office and being the Box Office Manager for a brief period of time. What I don't miss about the box though is the lack of social interaction. I have to stay in my box. I can't run around and talk to Trevor, or go sit in the green room with the actors.. or bother Evan in the tech booth, or squirt Steve with a water gun... or make Chris say funny words over the microphone. I'm stuck. (Although, I mean in general, last night I did most of those things.)

I also want to mention how it's fun working the box office when drunk bachelorette parties get out of control. My favorite quote of the night....

Drunk friend of bachelorette: Where are the stairs DOWN?
Trevor: There are no stairs down, only up.
DFOB: I DON'T WANNA GO UP... I wanna go downstairs to get outside.......
Trevor: That's upstairs! You came down here from outside!
DFOB: OKAY.. I know you think I'm a mess, but I'm fine... (somehow makes it up the stairs as her friend/girl who tried to woo Trevor with her breasts to get a shot of alcohol we don't have ran after her)

And then during the Midnight Show, Kelly had to save a woman from the bathroom who was saying, "SOMEONE SAVE ME FROM THIS POSITION"... but she just couldn't get the bathroom door unlocked. So Kel took her out to the front room to get her water and the girl started saying, "I just wanna go back to camp and put my PJ'S on..." or "I'm falling apart... I'm falling apart..." all while her expression looked like a deer in headlights.

Sometimes I miss it. But only when I'm watching it from the box, not when I'm the one in charge of dealing with it. That's what Trevor's for! That and being handsome in green ties.

In general, I slept until 12:30pm today, went to a drive-thru Starbucks and now I'm going to do yoga. I wish that was my life everyday.

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