Sunday, September 7, 2008


Remember that time I went to Vegas? I do!

My god, it was so awesome. Even just landing in Vegas on the plane - mountains, desert, rocks… not the randomly scattered houses, tall buildings, and questionably colored bodies of water I’m used to seeing. We got there around 1:30pm, and after doing things like getting to the hotel, getting checked in, being asked if we were married 1001 times… we just took a nap. Or well, tried to take a nap. It was just so hot out.

Anyways… it was fun. We walked up and down the strip and nearly died of heat. I got what I wanted out of the trip – a giant frozen pina colada in an Eiffel Tower. Although, I’m pretty sure it nearly killed me. A drink (and by “a drink” I mean like EIGHT drinks, that thing was huge) doesn’t necessarily mix with 2pm Vegas sun and heat… and add walking and the New York, New York roller coaster… it means disaster. But I survived. And I’m not going to say where we had lunch right after that… because it’s embarrassing. But it was out of pure desperation and not wanting to walk into the sun again… but it was definitely a wild time.

Some of the highlights of the trip included eating at Mon Ami Gabi… the French steakhouse at the Paris casino. It was right across from the Bellagio, and we sat on the patio, so we got a great view of this:

Also, while walking from the MGM Grand – a guy came up to us and whispered “I’ve got coke and weed… try before you buy!” and my favorite part was not just the guy offering it to us… but us ignoring him, walking past him and then Steve said “YES!” loudly… still within earshot of the guy. Very funny.

I loved the Venetian. I loved Caesar’s Palace and drinking at the Cleopatra bar with the pirate ship with a Boyz II Men type band (except they played instruments…) singing songs by Usher and other R&B artists.

Oh and we stayed at the Flamingo, where there’s a habitat with Flamingos and other bird-like birds. And this… I forget the name someone told us, but we kept calling it a chicken… kept staring and honking at us. And then it moved lazily and stayed under Steve for a long time.

I loved everything about Vegas, even the creepy people passing out porn cards on the street. And watching Scrubs and Cash Cab in the hotel room… basically, it’s a great place to escape to for a few days and take a nap… or 15.

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