Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Post About Being Random, and Happy.

The grand essentials of happiness are: something to do, something to love, and something to hope for.

— Allan K. Chalmers

Remember that time I talked about cleaning my soul and everyone was like, "That's boring, I'm going to read over that..." or, "Hm, that sounds a little sad." Well, you're right. But - sometimes you just need to do something - anything - to break out of a rut.

Well, I get Real Simple daily quotes. And I got this one today. And It got me thinking. If I have something to do, and I love some things, and I hope for things - does that mean I'm happy?

And then I thought of improv, (The art form, not the theater I work at), and I thought of how happy it makes me. It would be my something to do. I go about my daily life, waking up at 7am, working, and hanging out with friends. And improv is my way of breaking the habit. I go to rehearsals, and I gossip and then I usually get yelled at for doing something distracting or pulling us off track, and then we talk more... and then somehow we rehearse a little bit, and do shows later and make each other laugh and come up with crazy characters and talk about them later. When I'm involved in improv - it breaks up my week and it gives me an outlet to not go insane. That's why I miss Seriously Bent, just two days a week and random shows of pure craziness that helped me to stay sane.

And I love a lot of things. And I love a lot of people. And I have a lot of hopes for everything, and people, as well. So - with all that, how can I be down?

Because I'm Irish, and I have a lot of guilt, and a lot of bad genes, and that's why I'm down.

My friend Janine said to me last night, y'know - before I blacked out, that "You are so sure of yourself. You're so confident. I wish you could see how different you are." And, drunk or not, it was really nice to hear. I'm not totally sure of myself - but I do think I'm great. Does that make sense? No. Am I boring? Yes. Well, not generally, but this blog might be boring. At least I'm self-aware.

You know what else I love that makes me happy? Q-Tips and how the packages say "For baby care." My sister and I used to think it was the funniest joke ever... that we were going to leave our children in the care of a Q-tip. No danger can break through the caring power of a Q-tip!

I also love Fall - all 2 weeks of it. And my friends. Sometimes I care so much about my friends that I cry on train rides home. Cause I'm lucky that I have friends that smell good.

Does anyone want two tiny bottles of maple syrup? I have some. I don't know why.


Erin said...

I like it.

Anonymous said...

Hahah.... Baby Care! It still makes me laugh. I remember waking you up to tell you the baby care joke when I first noticed it.

They can't take that away from us! NO ONE CAN!


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