Thursday, September 18, 2008

"That's My Favorite Homeless Man"

I didn't bring my ipod today. I left it in the car the other night, after playing "Let's Go To The Mall" by Robin Sparkles on repeat. So, I had a book for the bus and train - but other than that, my ears were naked. I was more aware of the world around me.

So when I heard "That is my FAVORITE homeless man!" I laughed out loud... like a crazy person walking down the street talking to herself. The most ridiculous part is that the homeless people in Boston are so distinct. You'll find them in the same spots all the time. So it's not rare to have a conversation with a friend that starts with, "So you know that homeless guy who hangs out at Park St..." or, the classic, "DO YOU HAVE ANY SPAAARE CHANNNGE?" guy. It's like a sitcom "Homeless" - and we all discuss the funny things each funny character (homeless person) does each week.

I didn't give the funny homeless man any money... maybe I should have. Part of being happy is doing nice things for people so you feel better about yourself - I do nice things purely for selfish reasons. But, today I didn't. He's always so polite, "Ladies, good morning, Gentlemen, good morning. Have a nice day, lady. You look nice today! Have a nice day!" But, I smiled, said thank you and walked by him.

Yesterday I gave a dollar to a man in front of Hennessey's who said "Would you like a copy of the Spare Change newspaper? There's something about me in there." He seemed so proud, even if he was lying for money, so I just gave him a dollar.

I can't imagine life without the homeless people. They decorate the streets of Boston. And we'd all have way less funny stories to tell. And Julia wouldn't have ANY topics to write a play about.

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