Wednesday, September 3, 2008

That's right!

I woke up at 6:11am. Then at 6:33am. Then at 6:55am. I turned off my alarm, because the sound of the alarm makes me nervous. I laid in bed for what I thought was another 5 minutes - but alas, it was 10. 7:05. Out of bed. Into my sweatshirt.

Was Jeremy (Wilheim) there? Nope. Everything in my apartment was left exactly the way it was when I went to bed. I was relieved. Playing Pussycat Dolls on your ipod dock really loud is much more acceptable when your apartment/house is empty that early.

20 minutes later I was ready to leave the house. My hair had a nice curl to it, and the outfit I picked out last minute looked so put together for a "I guess I'll wear that" kind of day. The air smelled good, and my ankle only hurt a little bit in the inappropriate, unsupportive footwear I chose. I saw the bus drive by, I missed it, but that gave me more time to read my book.

New Moon. I promised myself I wouldn't fall for another series of books. They only break my heart in the end - when they're over. But damnit, Roberto created a monster. Edward Cullen is so hard to resist, with his venemous fangs, dark eyes, and stonelike, cold body. I feel like Julia, getting turned on by a "17 year old" vampire doing nothing sexual but lightly kissing his 17 year old girlfriend. I hope that doesn't make me a pedophile. He was really born in 1901, so, it really just makes me creepy.

Work. It's the last day, I have so much to do. My mind is elsewhere though... it's back in my bedroom packing for Las Vegas. People in front of me talk about condoms and ad placements - are the condoms shown enough in the episode of MTV show? Then they go through samples of latex. Seems so inappropriate, but the conversation is so professional. I could probably never be in their position without smiling. Oh look, I am smiling. They don't know at what. I'm 10.

"I Love Money" is over. The Bodyguard is on. I've never seen this movie. I've only played the song "I Have Nothing" over and over in my car. I sang the song loudly, with Janine, as we listened to our Bedtime Magic [106.7] mix.

I still have 5 hours left. But tomorrow, at this time, I will be on a plane to Las Vegas. That's if I don't sprain my neck, leg, entire body and come down with the Spanish Influenza (like Edward Cullen...)

Maybe I'll come back, maybe I won't.

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