Thursday, September 25, 2008

This is Ladies Night

So, I geared myself up... I didn't drink, I got as much sleep as possible... just knowing that I was in for a wild ride. A wild ride I hadn't had in a while. I have been acting good. I haven't smoked (besides Vegas), I haven't done any wild, crazy, up-all-night partying (besides Vegas)... and it was all due to a lack of bad influence. I've been, dare I say, responsible. But... Julia was coming into town.

I got ready on Saturday, planning my outfit around what we would be doing. I had a skirt and leather boots on - but then I thought, "Fuck! We're probably going to end up having an improptu (yet totally planned) dance party." Our plans were: Improv Asylum 8 o'clock show. Then drinking off on our own while the boys worked. Then debauchery.

It was Julia, Kelly, Melissa (Julia's friend), and I. We went to the 8pm show - LOVED IT - and drank about a bucket each. (4 beers, pronounced "bears") And then we went to Goody's, the old staple. We had some dranks, talked to some awkward guys who we very lame and boring, chatted a little bit about our favorite vampire clan - The Cullen's. And then Julia... my bad influence! The reason behind every bad, naughty, etc. thing I have done! The girl who has ruined my lungs and liver in order to ease my boring life and a broken heart... decided she was tired. TIRED! Exhausted, even. And she wanted food. It was 12 o'clock on a Saturday night, and Julia was ready to give up and go home. I mean, that's usually me. I've stayed out until... 8 or 9am with Jules... out of pure force (although fun).

So, our hip and debaucherous ladies' night turned into a few drinks with the girls and eating at South Street diner. Which, I have to say, is still one of the funnest nights I've had in a long time. I love them so much! Me, Jules and Kel were (are) three women in a gang of boys (and a gay). We're used to so much... I don't know. Guy stuff. Drinking, hanging, smoking, writing sketches and talking in bits. It was good to single ourselves out for a night and have a ladies night! And I miss Julia so much, so it was good to be around her and see her cute little smile, and her sneaking in a bag of doritos into the show.

Also, I realized lately - that a majority of my close friends are male. Or at least the people I hang out with on a regular basis. Besides like my best friends from home, who are all ladies. I'm usually in constant contact, or hanging out with - men. The Jeremy's, the Steve's, the Evan's, the Nick's (although, when with him it's like a ladies' night), the Trevor's... and yes, there are multiples of each!

I wish Julia was not living in Wolfboro! I need my favorite shemale!

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