Monday, October 13, 2008

The Art of Awesome Weekends

This past weekend was quite possibly one of my favorite weekends ever. I didn’t go into it with that mentality but then it turned into wonderfulness throughout the entire weekend.

Why? I’ll tell you.

I saw each and every single one of my best friends. (Well, no, I didn’t SEE all of them – some I texted or conversed with…) I went out with Everett best friends in Boston and had a fun night with them. I met up with Julia Wolf Gustafson and we went to Cambridge and we drank and had a jolly old time with Nick, Kelly and Alex.

Seriously Bent Saturday was insanity – and I was happy every millisecond. I watched them perform with proud Mom eyes. It was sort of difficult to watch, because I wanted to be on stage with them SO bad… but, it was so nice to sit back and watch them fucking DOMINATE. Doing shows I always have a high, I’m just focused on doing good scene work, so I never really sit back and enjoy what’s happening on stage, I’m too busy being in show mode. So, just watching them proved how talented they really are. It’s not just cause they’re my best friends, and I was part of the group once, and I’m going to say they’re awesome regardless… they are awesome.

Oh, who am I kidding – I just want an excuse to go to Chicago! Cause now I get to go. F all dem bitches, it’s all about me! (Kidding.)

Oh, and those are my notes. "2 flip flops" was regarding the number of flip flop wearing improvisers that I encountered. Hated it. God, I'm turning into Jeremy's bitchy little improv assistant. And yes, I do have ADD and it is VERY hard for me to sit through 2 hours of improv (especially if some of it is bad... and now I'm turning into Mike's bitchy little improv assistant. I learn from the best, right?)

Hey Zeus - besides the fact I want to die in my bed for like 65 hours right now – I’m totes in a great mood. So that's what it takes to break yourself out of a rut... surround yourself with 125 of your besties.

I am a walking zombie right now. Pure death. I thought last night would be a low key, in bed by 10pm night – but I ended up getting home at 4am after another kind of hilarious night with the IA tech department. And I just like saying "tech department" even though it is only made up of Chris and Steve. I appointed myself as their entertainer and keep-them-awake girl... and boy did i cum through. Come. Come, sorry.

I’ve slept a total of 13 hours all weekend… but it was worth it.

God, I have great friends. But – do you know what sucks? Working on Columbus Day. F that S in the MF’n A.

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