Sunday, October 19, 2008


I'm writing a book. Someday.

I've signed up for NaNoWriMo - a month of pure book writing.

I find this awesome. I mean, I want to write a book. I have so many ideas written on post-its and stuck all over my computer. (I don't really.) But I've got thousands of ideas that I don't do anything with. I'm always like "But hey, how do I format a novel?" or "But hey, how do I put words together, huh?"

But one thing I can get on board with.. a challenge.

I'm sort of a competitive person. During my year of Seriously Bent, we performed in two improv competitions. We lost both. The first one I was like, "Eh, well, we got a free trip to Chicago!" the second one we lost by one point - and I was so into it. I was all over it. I was so excited I even tripped over a step and fell in a basement full of dust and got my nice black clothes all dirty and it all happened in front of our competitors.

Last week, when Seriously Bent was in another competition - I was all about it, and I wasn't even in it. I don't like sports though, but improv - that's a level I can work with.

So, yeah, when someone's like "Hey bitch, write a novel in a month. What!" I go "All right! Fuck you! Let's do this!" So, that's my plan.

Although all the ideas in my head - I can't find them. And also, I'm generally lazy. So, it probably won't be finished. But I can't go into it with that attitude. Dudes, I'm gonna write a novel in a month!

The prize? The sweet satisfaction of knowing you finished a novel. That might not be good enough for me. I want tangible goodies. Particularly money. Or a book deal. There isn't even any prizes, no "Best Book" no "Most Awesome Contributor" no nothing. "Everyone's a winner!"

F that S in the A.

P.s. My Google talking like Elmer Fudd (and me) gets me every time.


Erin said...

I will buy you a coffee if you finish your novel. A big fun coffee.

Patty Barrett said...

oooooooooh!! Then I will buy you one as well for finishing and we can drink coffee and say "Yay we wrote a novel!"


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