Thursday, October 16, 2008

Friends to know, places to go!

Oh boy, I was getting sick.

I could feel it so hard. My head was warm - although I'm not sure if it meant I had a fever, because I'm under the impression you can't feel your own fever. My body ached. And my throat, oh my throat, it was closing. I could barely breathe, and coughing was happening a lot.

I tried to sleep and nope. It was *cough* *cough* *cough* *kick the bed anxiously* *drink water*. Finally, I took sleeping pills. Then I woke up at 7am hating life since I was still in a sleeping pill haze.

So I went to work begging my body not to get sick. My tooth hurts so bad, I have to get that dental procedure I'm dreading, and I can't do that if I have to keep coughing while they have a drill in my mouth. So I drank green tea. It's good, right? I drank 3 cups of green tea out of a mug that asks "ARE YOU NUTS?" Yes, mug, I am. Cause for every mug of tea I drink, I down a glass of water right after. Mr. Tooth hurts specifically when I drink cold things, so I need the warm tea to balance it out. I also ate rather healthy, just in case. And I drank an Orango Mango Naked juice packed with Vitamin C.

Today... I'm not sick. My voice is going out and I sound even more like a sexy lesbian. But I don't feel sick. I don't cough. I don't feel like my throat is closing. I think I learned the secret of saving yourself! Antioxidants! I am rich in them! Next I will solve scarlet fever.

I've been eerily content lately and I'm not UNHAPPY THAT I'M CONTENT, sister, I'm just... happy about it. Who wouldn't be happy about being happy? I've been in a serene state of mind - for the most part - and it's been good. I just pampered myself, and by that I mean I painted my toe nails green. And watched Reba. Yup, Reba.

I have Reading Rainbow in my head.

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becky said...

butterfly in the skyyyyyyyyyyyyy.


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