Friday, October 3, 2008

Hell No Starbucks-O

I gave up Starbucks.

And now that I said that out loud it's going to be ten times harder to accomplish.

But, here's what I realized: I buy Starbucks once a day. Sometimes twice a day. And generally 7 days a week. My coffee costs $4. So, if I get one a day for a week straight that's $28. A month is $112. If I do that everyday for a year, that's $1,344 I spend on coffee. Do you know how many trips to Vegas I could go on for that? Like 3. But I'm actually going to take all the money I save and go on a trip to somewhere in Europe. Or I will put it towards my move to New York.

So - I will be drinking free drinks provided by my office (rasberry tea has been my drink of choice). And on the weekends, I will make my sister come home every weekend from Pittsburgh to make me tea. I can never make it as good. And I will also put $5 into my savings account everyday, to see how much I can save by not going to Starbucks.

The weird part is - I don't even love coffee. The drink I get (iced grande vanilla nonfat latte) is about 90% skim milk. I just get it out of habit. I like going to a coffee shop, and having a stop before I have to go to work. I like drinking coffee, and the boost it gives me (which, I don't even know if it does). But, I just do it because I've been doing it for so long. But, it gives me headaches when I drink too much, and it also gives me headaches when I don't have it in the morning. So, I'm breaking the habit.

When I left work yesterday it was sun showering. There was one dark cloud in the sky (that was slightly cartoonish) and a giant rainbow. So, I have hope for the world.

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