Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Kinda cool

Remember when I did that internship last semester? I was an Editorial Assistant for Suffolk's Arts and Sciences Alumni Magazine. I was in charge of the "Students Today" section - which meant I had to go out and find 7 students currently at Suffolk who "went above and beyond the average student".

First, I picked one of my good friends Mike. (is that cheating?) He did do something worthy of recognition - I think! He started a rival news publication, which I also wrote and edited for (The Suffolk Voice). Then I asked him for someone else and he gave me two other names.

I asked former teachers, I asked department heads, and I got a list of names who spoke at some Suffolk event, and somehow by April I had interviewed some 15-20 students or so and narrowed it down to 7. Wrote tiny little articles (do you know how hard it is to write 250 words or LESS??) Arranged a photo shoot (where I had some artistic direction... basically location ideas 'overlooking the city because Boston is Suffolk's playground' and wearing black and jeans.) And here's the final product.

Not very interesting from an outside of Suffolk point of view (and maybe not even interesting for those in Suffolk) But I'm proud of my work. And I like the way it looks. And I mostly like seeing Text|Patty Barrett at the top :)

Here's the link.

I'm pages 4-5 and 6-7 (and 8-9, but I only wrote captions for those pictures.)

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becky said...

i saw this! and i did an "AWW! PATTY!"

nicely done miss.


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