Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Kite Running Elevator

3rd Floor Elevator Guy: Kite Runner still?
Me: (not reading the kite runner and taking my headphones out) What?
3FEG: Still reading the Kite Runner?

In my head I was thinking, "What? I was never reading the Kite Runner!" but I also hate awkward moments - so I didn't want to say, "What? I was never reading the Kite Runner!" and have to ride the elevator in weirdness. So instead:

Me: Oh, nope, I'm reading Eat Pray Love.
3FEG: Ah, finished it?
Me: (Jesus Christ... really? Still on the Kite Runner?) Yup.
3FEG: Did you like it?
Me: (Ugh!) Hmm, yeah.
3FEG: I think I got through 10 pages of it and gave up.
Me: Yeah... it took me like... 2 months. (Really?)
3FEG: Oh, really? See you later.

Then he got off the elevator.

Is it weird that I lie to avoid awkward situations? That kind of lying doesn't hurt anyone, right? In the end - we were both able to go on with our days thinking that I read the Kite Runner and it was all right. As long as there's no Kite Runner bonding and inside jokes in our future, then I'm fine.

OK, fine, now I'm going to go read the Kite Runner cause I feel guilty.

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Anonymous said...

And then you told him you were going to Friendlys but were really going to Richardsons.


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