Saturday, October 25, 2008

Late Night Drunks

As I walked to the ATM on Friday night quite unhappy. I heard this from 3 drunk guys outside of Goody's:

Man 1: Do you have a lighter, by any chance?
Me: Sorry, I don't.
Man 1: Oh, ok thanks.
Man 2: You're pretty.
Man 1: Yeah, you are pretty.
Man 3: You look sad. You shouldn't be, you're too pretty.
Man 2: You have nice legs.
Me: Thank you.

Then I walked into the ATM.

But I really wanted to say, "Go on, drunkies! Tell me more! I realize you're drunk and probably can't even see me straight. But hearing your compliments is exactly what I need right now!"

When I left the ATM they were gone. Too bad. I'm pretty sure I would have slept with all of them.

No, no it's fine! It was just for self validation. Nothing wrong with that!

1 comment:

Erin said...

ha, i love this.


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