Thursday, October 9, 2008

Past My Bed Time

Last night I stayed out past my bed time and let me tell you...

I was able to fall asleep easier (literally, I was texting and took a second to think and then I fell asleep mid-text... that's like the 7th time I've done that, generally to the same person.. cause nobody else in the world is up at the UNGODLY HOUR OF 1:45 AM)

I was able to WAKE UP easier, too.

I met up with Jenny and we snuck in late to a Seriously Bent show where I laughed and cried and kept smiling at Trevor where we would laugh at other people with our eyes. There was a good crowd, too. And I was sitting in the middle of it all and I was so judgmental of everyone. Like, if someone wasn't laughing I would look at them with mean eyes... and Jenny is a good judge of my character. I said, "I'm judging everyone in the room." and she said, "I know."

Once Mike brought down some ladies to IA, and I'm very protective/judmental with Mike's ladies (cause sometimes they're crazies.. and he knows this) and Jenny just saw me look at them and said, "Patty... stop it..." from across the room. It was funny.

Anyways, so the SB show. That started at 10pm... so late! But, I was really proud of the kids. It was difficult for me because there were times were I'd be like, "OK clap out now!" or "Ahhh don't do that...." But, that's just the improviser in me. And they're so funny. I almost cried because I missed performing with them so much... I'm sappy, I know. But it was the funnest I've ever had in my life (performing with them...)

But at least I was able to be tormented by them, do bits with them, laugh with them, have Corey and Nick attack my car and open the door and scare the fucking shit out of me.

So, even though I stayed out later than I have in a while... and only slept 5 and 1/2 hours... I feel great. I also ordered 3 books on Amazon.

Except I'm not happy about the fact that Beverly Hills Chihuahua is the #1 movie in America! And I can't wait to see Jules.

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