Sunday, October 5, 2008

Shoes, Oh my god, Shoes.

Janine came over and saw a pile of shoes next to my dresser. She said, "Oh my god, you have too many shoes. How do you find them in this?" and I said, "I usually just wear the ones on the top."

And then she took them all out of their pile, lined them all up in my empty front room and then it was all put into perspective for me.

Holy shit I have a lot of shoes. (And these aren't even all of them...)

I don't wear most of these shoes!

Some are really old. Some are new and have never been worn. Some are too high, some are too low, some make my back hurt, some make my ankle hurt, some are hideous, some are SO cute I don't even know what to wear them with.

My front room is now becoming my, "Look at what you're wasting money on" room. Also in that room lies my 5 Coach bags.

I found out two things today: I spent too much money on shoes, and I'm a girl. When did that happen?

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