Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Toblerone's Don't Grow on Trees

Ah, the things we do to feed our creativity.

Last night was spent at what was basically a mansion in Newburyport - one that I drive by often going to my aunt's and marveled at - shooting a Halloween sketch written by Matt "Babyface" Gudernatch.

I got out of work at 5:30 - met them at 6, and we worked from 7pm to around 2:30am on the sketch. I slept 3 hours and then got right up and got back to work yet again. It's a tired, tired life. I also have house teams tonight so it's going to be another long night and I'm gon' get wicked tiwed.

But - that being said - shooting these sketches are way fun. Well, last night's sketch involved a lot of communication outside as it was a trick-or-treating sketch. Casey and I stood in the doorway while Matt begged for candy, and screamed rape, on the porch. It was about 35 degrees and pouring rain (although we were covered) but still, fucking cold. I felt like we were on the Titanic! So, that part wasn't exactly fun. But acting is fun! And professional video shoots are fun. And being with good, talented and funny people is fun.

But - it got me thinking. The sketch is about... 5-8 minutes long. It took us about 7 hours to complete. I can't even imagine what working on a movie or a sitcom must be like! All that waiting around, all that line learning and re-takes and COLD WEATHER! But then again, they've got big budgets, tons of people helping, and Kraft services. We had chili made by Mike's (the director) mom and Bisquit, his adorable dog, to keep us company.

But also I realized that I'm kind of, half-way good at doing it. I mean, I'm not the best actor in the world and I like doing improv more than learning lines... but - I don't know. It's a lot of work. But it's happy work. A work I'd be happy to wake up and go do all the time.

But, I'm so tired today. I've mentioned it like 100 times, but god, I'm tired. I have to get a flu shot. And after work, I'm going home to take a nap. I never nap. But oh boy, am I napping tonight.

Oh, and Gary Coleman is following me on Twitter... I have two people following me. Richie Moriarty, who obviously I know, and then Gary Coleman. What a strange world I live in.

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