Sunday, November 2, 2008

Barrett All wishes you a Swingin' Christmas

And so here it is. The first post of November.

I (for some strange reason) vividly remember November 1st being so exciting for me. Because I love Christmas season. I spend all of November and December in a blissful Christmas bubble. I've been known to put up my Christmas tree far before Thanksgiving... and often leaving it up until February or March. (Although that is out of pure laziness and hatred-of-letting-things-go on my family's behalf.)

I've been listening to Christmas music a bit over the past few weeks. I downloaded Ella Fitzgerald's "Ella Wishes You A Swingin' Christmas" on iTunes. I watched "Elf" while I was falling asleep the other night. And I started making a list of presents I plan on buying for people.

Five years ago, when I worked at Build-A-Bear Workshop (right before I got fired, like, days before) I worked on Halloween. We had to dress up. I forget what I was. Oh, right, Peppermint Patty. Get it?? Cause that's my name! HA! Anyways - the ENTIRE store (and mall) was decorated for Christmas already. I found it funny that kids were coming in trick-or-treating to a land where bears were dressed up as Mr. and Mrs. Clause.

And then I got fired for having an attitude with a kid. Well, more or less. Thank god I don't have an attitude at work anymore! Right! I learned my lesson! Right Mike Anastasia? No attitude from Patty, ever! No Pattitude. What?

So, yeah, I used to hate Halloween. Wanted it to be over so Christmas season could just come. But this year I decided to give into it. Dress up (kinda) and go out and have fun with my friends. And so I did. And fun was had. But now, onto the next season!

I hope Chicago is decorated for me! I'm excited to buy you all a gift. So from all of us here at Barrett All (and there's only one of us...) we wish you a Merry Christmas season!


Ryan said...

strangely, this is only my second exposure to anything Chistmas this year. Walgreen's beat you to the punch.

Anonymous said...

I hate build a bear. I would bomb it if I wasn't so lazy.

becky said...

we need to each get a thermos full of hot chocolate and hold our second annual xmas vigil at that creepy house with the seasonal section of walmart on the front friggin lawn.

it's the most wonderful timeeee of the yeeeeeeeeeearrrrr.


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