Sunday, November 16, 2008


I could write for days about Chicago and how much I loved every second of it. I don't think I've ever had a giant grin on my face for as long as I did for periods of time while in Chicago.

But I'll tell you this... it is awesome going on a trip with about 10 of your best and closest friends who make you laugh so hard your face hurts and you almost throw up 24 hours a day.

It is sad when one of your best friends moves away (albeit for a few months) to the West Coast and then says, "Sorry, Patty. I can't go to Chicago." But it's worth it (and AWESOME) when that friend tricks you and shows up to Chicago anyway and you're sitting in a hotel lobby and see him come out of the elevator and then you throw your phone at a glass table and make a scene in the lobby, nearly crying and smiling and screaming with joy.

It's awesome not being in Boston for a few days... not having to work... not having to deal with Boston-bullshit... not checking email/facebook/etc.

It's awesome to feel proud of your former improv troupe for bringing it HARD to the stage.

It's awesome to see tons of improv that you never normally see... and see pictures of Tina Fey in lobbies.

It's awesome taking a workshop with one of the best improvisers in the world.

It's awesome having your own improvy/interpretive dance party with your friend at a giant bar and having people be so amused by you that they have their friends take pictures of themselves with you.

Oh, look, I found things to say!

But, I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. Hey, I love Chicago.

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