Tuesday, November 11, 2008

"Oh, it won't happen to me!"

Lay offs.

I feel like I can talk about this now.

But yesterday I was a complete wreck.

I didn't lost my job. But, in some ways, it feels so different.

What sucks is walking by one of your closest friends at work and not seeing her sitting there. Or hearing her coughing and hacking (she had about a 3 month sinus infection...) in the background of MTV reality shows. Or her walking into your office to say "Patty Barrett! I'm going to throw my computer out the window."

Or hearing heels walking in your direction and knowing that you should probably not blog at work because your boss is walking towards me. Nope. Don't have one of those anymore.

What also sucks is not hearing Erica walk through the door saying "Hey Pat!" and smirking cause I hate the nickname Pat.

And Kyle. Really? Kyle? Who's going to toss 30 Rock quotes at me? Who's going to have funny away messages? Who's going to say rude and inappropriate things? Who's going to eat lunch at my desk with me every week?!? Who am I going to drag to Starbucks just so they can judge everyone there and roll their eyes?

Why'd you have to go and take all the people I loved the most?

I hate you economy.

I'm SO ready to go to Chicago and make all the wrong choices and leave this stupid week behind me.

Drawing by Kyle DeMers. He's great.

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