Monday, November 17, 2008


Las Pinatas. Chicago. 11pm.

We went to a restaurant with bright blue walls and pinatas covering the ceiling... maybe ties in with the name? I don't know. We were served the spiciest chips and salsa I've ever had and we washed them down with margaritas. Alison said things like, "I'm ti-ti" and "Say words to me", Jeremy mocked her but looked at her adoringly, Nick Wilson said really nice things to me - which generally happens when he's drunk, Evan put straws on his teeth and pretended he was a vampire, Kelly and I had one of our usual heart to hearts, and Julia... was too pretty to speak.

But we played a game. A game called "Who Knows Patty The Best"

I think Jules won.

Jeremy was a close second.

Evan kept not buzzing in because Alison kept pouncing on him like a creepy cougar.

But I couldn't think of ANY questions to ask. I said "What's my natural hair color?" and "What's my dog's name?" and "Who's my best friend from home?" but I really couldn't think of any, "You'll know you're my best friend if you know this..." because you know what? I kind of tell everyone everything! Everyone knows me best because I let them.

I need to start being a more mysterious woman. A woman of the night.

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Nick said...

Was I not in Chicago?... I think I was


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