Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Where Would I Be?

When I first went to Suffolk, I liked it. I was like, "OK, I like this campus. I like the friends I have made. I like the dorms. etc." Then I was like, "Hmm... maybe I should transfer..." so I looked into going to Emerson.

Obviously I didn't.

I applied to like, 3 schools, because I lacked enough self confidence to think I'd get in anywhere all that great, including Emerson which was like my school of choice ever since I went to a play there when I was little and found out it was a performing arts school.

But no, I chose Suffolk, Emerson's trashy neighbor.

The other day I thought, "Oh my god, what would I have done if I didn't go to Suffolk???? Would I have worked at Improv Asylum??? Would I have done improv at all??? How different would my life be?!??! I wouldn't know Julia!!! Would I be an alcoholic, or smoked a cigarette, or ever got high?!?"

Last night I watched the SB show with Jeremy - and I saw Nick, Mitch and Trevor on stage and I thought, "I'm so glad I went to Suffolk." and then I said it out loud. I don't know what I'd do if those three ridiculous idiots weren't in my life. And in that wonderful moment of, "Ah, I love these guys! I'm so glad the way my life has turned out!" they walked off stage and immediately made fun of me. Nick even grabbed my root beer bottle and deep-throated it.

But it's OK - because that is my life. And I kinda love it.

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