Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Blues

I'm not gonna talk about it, don't worry.

I'm going to write about great ways to get over the Christmas blues.

1. Blame everyone but yourself. (I should add that do this... knowing wholeheartedly that it actually is, in fact, your fault. Mistakes are made.)
2. Presents always help... money & jewelry, in particular. And Kitchenaid mixers. Who wants a cake? I'll bake you one.
3. Buy expensive things. Or if not expensive, then just buy! BUY BUY BUY. (This one helps the economy's blues too!)
4. Think about guys when you're going to bed.
5. Reach out to your fan base. Whattup fan base!
6. Plan trips... like going to Vegas again! It's like super cheap in January if anyone wants to join me :-) ... or going to NYC with Shannon and Roberto.
7. Sit on your couch for HOURS AND HOURS AND HOURS watching endless amounts of cheesy Christmas movies on Lifetime and ABC Family as well as two seasons worth of Arrested Development.
8. Read O Magazine and Real Simple and "You: The Owner's Manual" that you got as presents for your mom.
9. Make a homemade hair mask that you got out of O Magazine, consisting of 3/4 leave in hair conditioner and 1/4 olive oil and love the softness of your hair! Hate the fact that you're kind of turning into your mom. Gah!
10. Make sexual innuendos with Roberto. (See above.)
11. Get back on the horse. Just get back on.

Surprisingly, I didn't even get drunk. So, there ya go. Improvements already!

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