Sunday, December 14, 2008

Comedy Glee (Ruined By Clover)

Lately, my life has been broken up into several units. Everyday I work. Sometimes I work two jobs a day. Sometimes I rehearse. Sometimes I perform. Sometimes I film some sketch comedy. Sometimes, when I'm lucky, I drink with my friends or sit on the couch and watch TV. And that's basically it. Exciting, indeed. Actually it is. I'm thoroughly enjoying my life at the moment.

I've been spending some time lately doing some comedy with new clowns, as previously mentioned. Today we had a read through of a short film we'll be shooting in January. We got together in the house of Matt and Casey to join together and go through the script, read it a few times, work out some characters and things we could add or takeaway. It was short and sweet.

The thing about me is that I love my Sundays. Love them. Sunday is my day to not do a damn thing... except maybe sleep in, shop, go out to lunch & get Starbucks with Janine. It's my one day where I hardly ever do improv, and none of my jobs are open. So making commitments on Sundays is tough for me. I hate breaking plans with... myself.

But, if I could spend a Sunday morning with any group of people... it'd be the group I spent it with today. The names: Duffy, Mark, Kirsten, Brian, Casey and Matt (Babyface).

Now, Brian came with a giant canister/thermos of coffee, he even poured his coffee into the cap and drank it that way... like a construction worker. Duffy immediately made fun of him saying, "You're SO gay! The only thing you're missing is a cock in your mouth!" Now Duffy is delightfully homosexual, so it's OK. Also, Duffy's comments on Matt and Casey's pad were funny - like, "This place is a dump" while drinking a beer. At 11:30am.

But you can't forget about the cat. Clover. Yup, Matt and Casey have a cat... and I like to think they woke up one day in bed thinking, "You know what's missing in our life, snookums?" (Matt said that as he stroked Casey's bare chest)... and they decided to go out and get a kitty. Clover has the appetite of a dog. And also, Clover raped my hand. And tried to sabotage me by eating my script. Then sitting on Casey's so he couldn't read it. Clover hates Comedy.

(Though they do love this cat, Babyface even has pics on his Facebook of him and his little girl. Including this one, because yes, he bought her a dress.)

Between this group... and the people at work, or other people I improvise with... I've learned improvisers are an eclectic bunch of people who would never hang out with each other under different circumstances. But comedy is what holds us all together... the need and satisfaction of putting ourselves out into the world willing to be completely rejected for the tiny relief we feel when people laugh at us in a good way. Also, self-deprecation and the constant need for attention. But, I do love it. Dearly. And I'm willing to give everything up for it.

Now if only my eye would stop twitching, and my balance would come back and stop leaving me falling all over the place bruising my entire body. Now THAT would be wonderful.

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